“Dynamic Shift” ~ Sneak Peek # 4

When she was little she didn’t know the word “trafficking”; it wasn’t something that they were taught in grade school or their homes or. in Sunday school in their churches. That was 1985 and St. Louis, Missouri would soon become a nightmarish landmark and stain on Aurora’s mind that would haunt her forever.

As anyone else would see it, that huge Silver Arch was “The Gateway to the West”, just as advertised since its founding. As she saw it, it was a doorway to a ‘holding cell’, and every time she crossed over Poplar Street Bridge she felt like she was being put in a wooden crate and the lid was being nailed shut on top of it.

Fast forward 35 years to 2020 and things are not much different. She crosses that bridge and she as she lays eyes on that Arch for the first time since she left all those years ago and bam she’s that little kid again in that box and she can’t breathe. Damn just drive Aurora. It’s just a city she keeps telling herself as she hits 55-S and heads for Franklin County. She cannot wait ‘til she cannot smell that “smell” of the brewery and city. She just needs to get past S. Broadway and Delor and she’ll be fine.

She was raised in a world where she was taught to be a strong soldier and a warrior. Nothing else, that’s it, but that took a specific type of “training” that her father thought would be beneficial for her later in life. He was wrong, to a degree. She just needed to know that she was loved.

To rise above being in “soft” chains as a child and “hard” chains as an adult; then mental and phycological and physical abuse in her teenage years, she was seen as a “gonner” by many. She was raped her Senior year at knife point which was reported to the police but the police never pressed charges on the assaulted due to what they called “lack of evidence” even though they took pictures, collected evidence and interviewed her with her parents present.

Aurora decided that once again she would not be a victim of circumstance; also that she would not stay in Missouri. She must leave and she joined the U.S. Navy and followed in her grandfathers footsteps and became the 4th generation to join the military in her family only to experience trauma once more at the hands of another dreadful secret…Military Sexual Trauma.

By this time she didn’t want children or know how to be a mother and had received an Honorable Medical Discharge for an unrelated injury to the assaults. Yes I did say assaults, as in multiple. We will get to that later. She became lost and hooked on drugs; numb to all physical and mental pain and from the extreme PTSD that she started to exhibit.

This lasted for many years. Unfortunately, Aurora went through more abusive relationships. Her son’s father was abusive and so we’re some others but none like the ones like him. She actually thought she was doing good and was semi-sober and trying for eight years until she met her match with her ex-husband in 2010.

Aurora was trafficked for a second time and she had a house full of kids. What in the Hell was she thinking, right? Well, she wasn’t. When this happens by the time it’s happening you are not in your correct mind to think. She was so beaten down and drugged up by that time that she had no clue what was happening. Yes it started voluntarily. But did not end that way. This is where many misconceptions of domestic trafficking comes from. This is why many women and some men cannot ask for help. Our system doesn’t recognize that we need help. They didn’t see that she needed help.

She and her sister Shirley both called DFS in October and November of 2013 to try to get help. They both called for many different reasons. Those reasons will be explained in more depth. But these reasons caused Aurora to run. And in December of 2013 she ran…ran with her ex-husband and then ran from her exhusband with the help of God and her Church!!!

You see, God never leaves us and she knows this to be true. Aurora claims that she has never lost her faith and claims that it is God’s Messages’ and Words’ that has kept her going and her relationship with the Lord that has left her with these wonderful expressions of tremendous words for all of you to read. She has risen from Eight Deaths and Fifty Two Surgeries and Procedures and she has become a nationwide motivational speaker and came back to St. Louis, Missouri in 2016 and started advocating to change the laws for the better which she has. She kept her promise and now runs her Nonprofit with her Sister, is in multiple nationwide coalitions, and speaks nationwide on Ending Sexual Slavery not only in her state but in our nation and around the world. She is a beacon of light in a swamp of darkness and corruption and she will forever work to bring justice for the thousands who are still out there in chains and that is why she says it is “Her Voice For theirs”.

~€ Tiffany Marler




Cofounder & Director of Development, Aurora Hope Foundation©; Human Trafficking Survivor-Advisory Panel, BreakFree-Canada©, Author, Survivor-DV, MST, ST, CST

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Sister Aurora Nyx

Sister Aurora Nyx

Cofounder & Director of Development, Aurora Hope Foundation©; Human Trafficking Survivor-Advisory Panel, BreakFree-Canada©, Author, Survivor-DV, MST, ST, CST

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