💥¡HOLA 2021~ADIOS 2020!💥

“I became ‘Silent’ before I knew how to speak.” ~€@t.m.

During my life I’ve always wandered around thinking about when this world’s breaking point was going to be. I’m sorry to say I think that it just might be this year. As we go into 2021, we never thought we would have a fight on our hands to simply survive and stay sane.

In the United States of ‘Yell’erica lol we are are having a social, economic. And Humanitarian crisis that other places of the world look at and have to deal with on a daily base sometimes…normally. But with COVID we are all the same. This Virus has and should of made the world 🌎 come together. But instead it has ripped us apart at the seams. When humanity has nothing to fight over they get restless and then they FIND THINGS to fight over lol.

Tonight we sit here in our home and we watch impatiently to find out who is going to take control of our Senate even though I know we won’t find out tonight, it’s background noise. The local stations just announced UFO’s are real AND the first case of the highly transmissible COVID19 strand is in multiple states and ….. OMG !!! What in the Hell else could happen lololol. I’m sorry I just want to scream at people sometimes and ask, do you want to watch ‘State Run TV’? Yes, truth mixed with lies? It’s BS!

I am organizing a group of survivors of Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation with a man named Chris Sevier with www.specialforcesofliberty.com and we are going to the Capital of Missouri in Jefferson City. Tomorrow. Now albeit to some, I have been seriously busy with many different projects that I don’t keep up with the ‘antics’ of the President…I respect the “Office of the Presidency”! There is a Huge Fundamental difference.

First one is the main site.

The second one is the Main Link where you can find My information for the Human Trafficking and Child Exploitation Prevention Act Special Forces of Liberty (Missouri) — CONTACT INFORMATION and picture ❤️

This is the Link to the Special Forces of Liberty Website where you will be able to find specific information for the state you live in and how you can approach your own Representatives and Senators in your own state!!!

We have to let this day stand for Unity of Our People by spreading awareness. And Love!!!! Not False Narratives!!! Our country is going to try to be overran tomorrow. Don’t let that happen.

Let love and advocacy win. My friend was in Indiana two days ago, he’s in Kentucky today. Tomorrow we are going to our Capital. It was Mere coincidence that these days fell together. But….I believe God or Allah or Buddha or whomever your higher power is…they are listening. Because:

  1. I’m an Independent.
  2. I’m so not consider myself a conservative, nor a liberal.
  3. I believe that there needs to be more effective communication and transparency between state and federal governments in order to solve many situations.
  4. The control of power between the ‘two-party’ system is not working anymore…why? This is not 1792 it’s 2021. We are more evolved and we have different essential everyday needs as human beings to survive. Simply put.
  5. Every 30–45 years the World has had a Mass Calamity; whether it be a World War or it be disease. Ours has been war during the 1900’s until COVID from Vietnam. But everyone seems to forget so simply that we have been at War SINCE then in one way or another since 1991 and if you do not believe me ask anyone that was in the 1st Gulf War or is still suffering from the effects of it.
  6. We don’t speak about our Veterans until they are Old and feeble or newly released. Same as our elderly and newborn. Here in America for some reason we don’t seem to look at ourselves at the current state that WE OURSELVES are in. If we could start to do this then I believe we could actually start to “see” each other from what we see as our adversary, as a new colleague that is just in a different scenario in different shoes trying to solve the same problem from a different standpoint.
  7. A large part of our country has never left their own city, state or this country. Yet you believe everything you see on tv. I’m so sorry to say this but please believe me when I say that you have to do your research. Please research!!!
  8. Be kind. Have Empathy. Have Sympathy. Help a Stranger. Donate when you can. I mean work together. I have survived so much to be here to help speak to all of you and I hope my words ring true to someone. I love all of you. Be safe out there tomorrow!

To Quote the Master Himself Best In This Situation Concerning Tomorrow I Think 🤔 FORREST GUMP stated it best:

“Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what your gonna get!”

I leave you with this. This map is the new map of the tier placements of the countries on how they scale on their levels of TVPA protections. In layman’s terms:

  • Black means none
  • Red means they are on the watchlist
  • Yellow means they have partial laws
  • Green means they are complying
  • Blue are special cases
  • As you can see this clearly show how and why the US is one of the largest importers of trafficking and not exporters. We have laws that protect people from doing it in public. Trust me it still goes on. Hence the rise of Broadband and Multimedia, you can say I’m wrong. You can say I’m crazy. It’s ok. It’s an opinion. I understand. There are good apples 🍎. And bad apples 🍏 in every bunch and that’s all I was saying lol.
  • This also shows why Human Trafficking and Child Exploitation Legislation is so damn important!!! Look how rampant it is in this world? Do we want it here? NO!!! But we need GOOD PEOPLE like survivor leaders like me and myself in there that can walk the political line and Advocacy line properly, truthfully and with accountability. It will be a game changer!!! We are on the right step forward. But if the narrative shift to a political nightmare tomorrow then it could all fall apart for thousands counting on a few of us who are so far and few between in the big scope of things as far as our recovery.

Thank you!

Warm wishes and God Bless!

~€ Tiffany Marler




Cofounder & Director of Development, Aurora Hope Foundation©; Human Trafficking Survivor-Advisory Panel, BreakFree-Canada©, Author, Survivor-DV, MST, ST, CST

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Sister Aurora Nyx

Sister Aurora Nyx

Cofounder & Director of Development, Aurora Hope Foundation©; Human Trafficking Survivor-Advisory Panel, BreakFree-Canada©, Author, Survivor-DV, MST, ST, CST

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