Missouri’s “Blind Lady Liberty” is at Play Today!

Sister Aurora Nyx
7 min readDec 16, 2021


December 16, 2021

Sister Aurora Nyx

SO Apparently it has become a more proactive stance to place a criminal who has been “lawfully prosecuted” by Jefferson County Asst. Prosecuting attorney Douglas S. Pribble and convicted (ON DEC 3,2021) by our own Jeff. Co. Division 5 Circuit Judge Victor Melenbrink.

The Charges are as follows:

  1. 10 Years Armed Robbery
  2. 10 Years Armed Criminal Action
  3. 7 Years Possession Of A Controlled Substance
  4. 30 Days In Jail — Possession Of Drug Paraphernalia

-Leader Publication, Arnold, MO 12/16/2021; Page 4, by Leader Staff; “Arnold Man Gets 10 Years For Armed Robbery”.

…..Yet here’s the flip side of where Lady Liberty is Apparently Blind, Deaf, Dumb and Stupid! Or something. Is definitely not right. Here we have a Duly Sworn Officer of the Law Named RYAN SHOEMAKER, 48, of Washington, MO that has taken one of the highest Oaths to hold in our ranks (LEO, EM’s, Military, First Responders and the Hippocratic Oath) right here in little ‘Ol Byrnes Mill, MO. in Jefferson Co. as well!

Now since we live on a different set of rules here called the “Good Ol Boys Club” (and you’ll see why later on…this man here managed to AVOID ANY PRISON OR JAIL TIME from not one, but Two counties!One was Jefferson Co. where he pleaded guilty to second-degree sodomy on 12/02/2021 then in the other and he pleaded guilty to the same charge on 11/22/2021 in St. Louis Co.

On 12/02/2021 in Jefferson Co. Division 5, Circuit Judge Victor Melenbrink sentenced Mr. Shomaker to seven years in prison in the Jefferson County case, and St. Louis County Circuit Judge Joseph Dueker sentenced Mr. Shomaker to seven years in the St. Louis County case.


  1. BOTH sentences were suspended.
  2. Shoemaker was placed on five years’ probation, court records show.

When did our prosecutors, district attorneys, defense attorneys & Judges, like Judge Victor Melenbrink, decide that if you’re part of the “Badge Party” or “Good Ol Boys” you will get the finest treatment in prison because well…..everyone now wants you dead. Why are you now exempt?

The man robbing the store was desperate most likely (I’m guessing) but your crimes…..they are Evil and Wrong and you should be held accountable. For your actions and for all three sides of our system to protect you that is wrong. And that needs to change.

This was written in the hopes to educate individuals that we can make it. If you have been through ‘hell’ there is purpose after this. It took me a long time to be able to start to come out and say hello to you all. To find my niche per sè!

When I started actually working with investigators and Law Enforcement Officers here in MO instead of simply working in research fields on a much larger national scale; I gained amazing but horrifying truthful knowledge (in black and white on paper as cases) that this state and our Country has set up and has afforded more protections and escape routes from going back up to jail and it ties the hands of our officers FOR Individuals on the sexual predators list or endangered (protected) list or individuals that are considered a (CI) Confidential Informant.

Yes we want these individuals to not be beaten or seriously hurt for past transgressions. God teaches forgiveness, if not for them-for yourself.

So my question is this, “Where are these same afforded protections to the victims of all of these crimes (Not on the legislative floor, in committee, on the Governor’s Desk, or awaiting appropriations to be approved before training to deal with these problems can be fixed?” And I am not speaking of the Witness Protection Program which set aside $1,000,000 a year for this…

The program is a great thought but here is the problem….#accountability….

If our state is not willing to stand up and prosecute their own people who are the bad apples and make way for some new good ones to come in and take their place then they will face Independant Individual Writers and Researchers that love our state and work with some really awesome people that are starting to try to calm this storm that’s been happening. We need leaders that’ll stand up for what is right and won’t be afraid of the big bad “Men” my saying? “Bring it lol!” Until we convict all of the individuals Buying the Illicit Material/Goods/Industry or having knowledge of said transgressions above and find the ones who are looking away we will never solve this problem. This problem is too deep.

In todays age of broadband capabilities and the internet; FREE pornographic material and (SE)Sexual Exploiting & Online Grooming to Traffic younger and younger individuals are on the rise.

Some of these devices to look out for that have WiFi internet capabilities are:

  • Video Game Console (PS4, XBOX360, Nintendo Wi)
  • Computers (Home, School, Library, friends, office)
  • Tablets (gaming, iPad, android, children gaming tablets)
  • Cellphone (any cellphone even the prepay flip phone)
  • Laptop, MacBook
  • TV’s, (Apple, Roku, Plug in internet devices)

I’m sorry to say but what only “White Parents” (as a white female survivor) used to think only happened to the “unworthy” children in the cities, is now happening in their Suburbias and their “Out in the Woods” Rural Communities Double and in some triple fold this past year here in Missouri. We have 3 main “Red”/Severe areas of caution or severe concern about the (SVI) of the people hear in Missouri. Do not get me wrong we have a lot to work on but shutting these hubs of all crime is essential first.

When I looked at the Social Vulnerability Index map for DV, homeless youth, missing youth & reported cases of trafficking that’s when I was able to look at the ARGIS map system and analyze this data last year. Our three main areas of concern need to be:

  1. St. Louis, MO. & East St. Louis, IL. Which includes St. Louis’ surrounding counties.
  2. Kansas City, MO. & Kansas City, KS. Which include their surrounding rural counties.
  3. Southwest MO to include the area from Joplin to approximately 60 miles North of Springfield to approximately Wayne County.


“There are many many places to go in them woods there you see.

There are many places to die in there you see.

Them people have disappeared if you don’t listen to me.

I’ll keep you alive til they let you go free” — Sister Aurora Nyx

— >Words spoken so loud and true to me and I can still here them loud and clear even though it happened 21 years ago. That is why I do what I do!


Lastly, if Louisiana becomes the next state to legalize prostitution after Nevada, we Missourians being right smack dab here in the middle of the country will only become a bigger “Hub” for “transportation of unwilling participants” or labor trafficking.

The possibilities and nightmares are endless.

We would have a brand new “Border Crisis” on our hands. This one would split our country in half — EAST VS WEST. Frankly, that’s something I do hope that I am never alive to see. I hope for a United Country with many states where we learn to all work together for the betterment of our people, land, animals and our Home! The Earth! If we don’t what are we leaving to them?

When “Lady Liberty” falls and no justice gets served that’s when the people start to rally up together. The media starts to talk. People start looking closer. But if it must be done then so be it.

It’s a long game they say. Anyone can start making correct decisions and change your life around. It only takes one strong act of courage and then the next act is easier and then it becomes second nature to you. But you must first be Brave and remember those paths and oaths you took.

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Sister Aurora Nyx

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