❌• When Will “They” Start Telling The Truth? •❌

Written By: Tiffany Marler

Founder & Vice Chairperson, Board of Directors, Nomoretears21:4©

Cofounder & CEO, Aurora Hope Foundation

Survivor Leader & Author, The “Dynamic Shift” Project©

On Saturday, April 17th, 2021 in a small suburb of Springfield, Missouri life was continuing. To go on even though the entire state was focused on the “battle” between. The “Two Eric’s” that was to happen in Branson.

In all honesty, we couldn’t of cared less. It’s sad. We advocates and activists work for the people of this state! Really work! And while I understand that these elected officials have ‘jobs’, not one of them decided to NOT attend that political event, and attend the community event in an impoverished community, where if you go just a few blocks down the road it’s like a total 180!

“We have been planning this ‘joining of forces’ for a few years. Last year we had Covid. The year before that I was down by the Border and in the South deployed with a Disaster Response Nonprofit almost all year and the year before we were not formed yet and I was simply an individual getting to know Mr. Flenoid!” ~€@ T.M.

We were welcomed with open arms and absolutely loving hearts. We were promised good weather by the weatherman but this IS Missouri lol! It was cold, windy and miserable. For an event but the families and kids and #UNity and #Love within the community made it possible.

Throughout the day we had different age groups show up and we met the community. We were excited about this progress. This event had been planned for months.

Continued from 06.26.2021


“With good friendships and hard struggles and real bad ‘slaps in the face’ situations that you all get through and Learn through #together is what truly matters and makes a group of Individuals make a difference in their field or practice!” — €@Tiffany Marler

We have grown and developed together as a group of individuals among ourselves and also within our separate entities as well. Those are not not stories to tell without permission. But what I can say is this. We have so many bright new things coming up. In September Real Love Equals Real Change© will be holding a Back To School CommUNity Event. We will be participating in this!!! Also in September on the 10th, we will be helping out the Aurora Hope Foundation with an event to Commemorate 9/11/2001

The first link is to Aurora Hope Foundation’s “Bringing Back Equality To Missouri” Event. For more information just click the first link.

The second link takes you to their Winter Fundraiser And Volunteer Drive with Wreaths Across America. This ones pretty cool! They are not only raising money every time you buy a wreath, they are getting 50 volunteers with trucks together to go do this! I’ll tell ya, you can take the boy out of Boy Scouts because they grow up, but you give them reign over community impact drives? They come up with great ideas! Helping lay wreaths is something our family and friends have done for years. So with the inception of #AHF it felt only fair to start sharing that blessing with others to know that feeling to give back and to do something so overwhelmingly good!!! I mean…..why not? What’s stopping you?

Written by:

Tiffany Marler

All Rights Reserved, 2021 © “The Dynamic Shift Project”




Cofounder & Director of Development, Aurora Hope Foundation©; Human Trafficking Survivor-Advisory Panel, BreakFree-Canada©, Author, Survivor-DV, MST, ST, CST

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Sister Aurora Nyx

Sister Aurora Nyx

Cofounder & Director of Development, Aurora Hope Foundation©; Human Trafficking Survivor-Advisory Panel, BreakFree-Canada©, Author, Survivor-DV, MST, ST, CST