Why Must ❌Survivors❌ Keep Pushing Forward?

I have often been asked, how did you make it? Why don’t you just quit? Wouldn’t it be easier for you if you just ‘stopped all of this and actually retired to somewhere quiet and forgot about all of this fighting your doing?’

Yes it would be! Definitely! But then who would Stand 🆙 and do the things that I do? Tell me that one?

When I started my journey to recovery I didn’t have a iota of a clue as to where it would of led me to today. I honestly thought I’d raise a little Hell and walk away and be done with it. I had no clue how Fucked up our state really was.

This year at our Human Trafficking. awareness Days it was FINALLY RELEASED by someone more “accredited” than a Survivor Consultant (because we are not looked at very highly yet) that the state of Missouri and Illinois are #49 and #50 on the list for Human Trafficking Policy and Legislative Reformation.

Now, I’ve known this, but getting the world and the rest of the country to see that our states are being given too much authority at sometimes and then so is the federal government as well is not working.

I worked with Representative Mary Elizabeth Coleman and presented her with my story which led her to propose and sponsor HB397 back in 2018. Then I worked with Legislators on HB1414 last year in our state. This year I am now partnered up with Special Forces of Liberty to be the Missouri Liasion for The Human Trafficking and Child Exploitation Prevention Act and the Federal Lead Survivor Consultant as well. Here is the link to the actual Bill itself for all 50 states so you can find the information for yourself.

You can find all of the contact information for the individuals. Working on this bill, including. Myself at this link here:

To look at all of the bills on the table from Special Forces of Liberty here is their direct link:

These projects that I work on are individual to what I do with Nomoretears21:4.

We are in an expansion phase with Nomoretears21:4 right now and are changing positions, hiring new members, taking on new members and integrating new business models and bylaws. As we do this we continue to grow towards a connected effort to combat Human Trafficking and Child Exploitation around the Globe.

“A little bird sat outside my window, and this is what it said; The little bird had seen too much, and the little bird laid down dead” -Anonymous

When we think we should give up, when we think that this is the time to quit, we see things that keep us going. This is one of them. This “Dynamic Shift” that the world is going through, we are watching the media throw crap at you all and you eat it up, the news has shifted focus and it’s ok, our foreign news press desks hit 12 hours before we do so it’s crazy when after a day of those by the tome you all get your news we have already dealt with it and the stories are made up for you to hear! We think we are not living in a socialistic country when it comes to our media but we are.

I have been through a lot, but I have always been curious about something. I have 23 years Medical experience in different fields. The abortion question has always been brought back to me.

I absolutely. Cried myself to sleep last night. I watched a medical documentary on real life abortions and the actual procedures and what does take place and watched a whole procedure last night so that I could learn the actual “Truth” to this debate. My Heart Broke!!!! I cried and cried. I could not believe what I saw. When a fetus gets to 6weeks old the stimuli to feel pain is there! It has been proven. And when the doctors go to provide the abortions some fetuses that are up to 10–13 weeks have been known to “fight back” according to these reports. I couldn’t believe this! When I started looking into this I was skeptical. I knew I was fighting against late term abortion and I knew that I was trying to give women a chance to have their own choice but I always felt in my heart it was wrong. I needed more education. I got it.

With what I know now, I know that in my heart, I did the correct thing to not abort my own child that was a product of my abuse and trafficking. I cannot tell other women to do the same. I can only offer the guidance that there ARE other options out there. Sometimes.


When you get an abortion this is the first thing you see. But what you do not see is the fact that when they use aspiration they are sucking the fetus through a tube that is painful to the fetus. Especially after bone growth has begun. You are basically doing what Ripley did to the Alien when she let it get sucked out the window. Sorry.

If your baby is over this time and you have to go in for a multiple. Day procedure that means you have to go in and take a pill that euthanizes your baby and you either deliver it dead or have to have a C-Section to get it out. Either way you are choosing to kill your baby who is most definitely. Already alive and most definitely feel everything you are doing to it.

We as mothers are supposed to be inherently protective of our babies inside of us. I don’t know where this went wrong. I don’t know where science and greed became the priority in our lives. If I, as a Trafficking Survivor, can make the choice to NOT get an abortion, when every doctor was telling me to then why are so many women showing up everyday to get them done because it normal to them?

Many reasons that would take a long time to list but here are a few:

  1. Culture. It different than the 1950’s. We have been led to believe that all this is ok.
  2. Men. They always “know” a place when your in those relationships.
  3. Trauma. When your traumatized your attacker can make you get them to avoid responsibility.
  4. Family. To avoid a scandal family will make a young female get rid of an unwanted fetus.
  5. Life. Sometimes life choices come back to bite you later. You might think it’s what you wanted then but later on you realize it wasn’t.

I wanted to shed a little light on why Survivors of multifaceted and poly-trauma situations are faced with multitudes of triggers each day, but we do not quit. We are knowledgeable and proud of our continued growth and contributions to society. We need more awareness on issues that matter and that need to be talked about and not on this political mess happening in our Xapital that has pretty much stopped all legislation. From being worked on…..again!

Thank you!

~€ Tiffany Marler © 2021, All Rights Reserved




Cofounder & Director of Development, Aurora Hope Foundation©; Human Trafficking Survivor-Advisory Panel, BreakFree-Canada©, Author, Survivor-DV, MST, ST, CST

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Sister Aurora Nyx

Sister Aurora Nyx

Cofounder & Director of Development, Aurora Hope Foundation©; Human Trafficking Survivor-Advisory Panel, BreakFree-Canada©, Author, Survivor-DV, MST, ST, CST

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